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Natalie Hanneman

Life is a journey! As we travel through, we are each presented with a diverse set of experiences. I know that through it all, we were not born into this world to experience any of it alone. We are wired to be in connection with each other and the planet that sustains us.

I was raised in a military family, in which we moved around often and sometimes without any notice. Having lived in more countries than most people have visited in their lifetimes has peaked my interest in Psychology. As a healer and life long student of the healing arts, I have a holistic approach and believe that to really heal someone it is important to incorporate aspects of their mind, body and spirit.

I specialize in working with children and teens and have over 30 years experience. I have worked as a child care provider, therapeutic foster parent, challenge course facilitator, therapist and school counselor. I am also blessed to be called mom.


I am certified in Equine Guided Education and have been offering therapy with horses for 8 years. I grew up with ponies and horses. As an adult, I was lucky to be in relationship with a horse. Chip taught me a number of valuable lessons. He taught me to stand tall and be strong. He taught me horse time. He taught me to take responsibility for the energy that I bring to my relationships. Doing this work I have seen first hand the remarkable healing power that horses so generously offer us. 

I am a trauma informed therapist and I support my clients to explore their lives using various methods. My primary focus is creating a safe space for each client. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is my favorite modality and it involves getting familiar with your thoughts and looking into how they effect your behavior and emotions. In addition, I find it helpful to walk clients through somatic awareness and mindfulness practices. We will explore an important question, what does living your authentic life look like?

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