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It is important when working with someone in a therapeutic capacity that you feel comfortable and understood. It is my goal when working with clients to create a supportive environment. I do this by listening and observing what it is you are interested in and passionate about. Working at a pace that is comfortable for you we can discover your authentic self: your passion and true purpose in life. I can help you choose small shifts in your day and in your thoughts, shifts that allow you to move through your life with more acceptance and grace. Together we will discover obstacles that stand in the way of you achieving your goals.

Happy Children


High quality licensed marriage and family therapists that care and can provide services to children can be difficult to find. I guide my patients, children, individuals, families and couples every step of the way and implement various methods to help them develop new attitudes towards all of life’s most complex matters. In my therapy sessions we will work to solve current problems and improve positive thinking and behavior. Call today for a free phone consultation!


I do traditional therapy and also engage clients in therapy with animals in the great outdoors. Horses and other animals live their lives with their sensory awareness intact. Working with them serves as a reminder that we have this sensory information available to us as well. We can view and make sense of the things that happen in our lives with more clarity when we tap into that sensory information. 


Horses generously offer us feedback about how we are feeling, sometimes without us even being aware of it ourselves. This feedback is often given and received more openly and non-judgmentally.


This is a unique way to learn more about yourself your relationships with others. It often mirrors your relationship to animals and nature. 


If you are open to the experience, let's schedule a therapy session at the barn! We can deepen the understanding of yourself and access the strength and resilience of nature and our animal friends.

Horse Whisperer
Family Time


Parenting is not something that we are born knowing how to do, instead it is something that we learn. We learn how to parent by example. Behaviors under stress, which children tend to put us under, are sometimes modeled after our parents. We often utilize the same skills passed down from us through our caretakers with our own children.


The Triple P Program, also known as the Positive Parenting Program, is a research based program designed to teach you parenting fundamentals. First and foremost, healthy relationships are the building blocks for positive parenting. When parents invest time and energy on strong and healthy relationships amongst family members, their ability to be a leader in the family is strengthened. Triple P also teaches a number of skills to more fully complete that model of parenting you have from your own childhood.


I am a certified Triple P Provider, teaching the parenting guidelines set forth in the program. There are different kinds of support provided based on your needs, including workshops and more intensive support. Specific skills are taught and practiced. These skills will improve your confidence as a parent. This is a grant supported program which allows me to offer these services on a sliding fee scale.


Sometimes the best medicine is the outdoors! There are two types of people who especially benefit from Nature Based Therapy, those with an aversion to traditional talk therapy and those who want to increase their time and access to feelings of safety in an outdoor environment. 

Many parallels exist in nature and our lives. Take for example a tree. Trees grow in many different ways and rely on a number of different resources to survive and grow. Nature can teach us valuable lessons and provide insights that allow us to be in more harmony, peace and balance in our own lives. Nature Based Therapy incorporates all of these parallels to lean into the wisdom Mother Nature has to offer.

For this we will meet at an outdoor location to walk and talk. You will enjoy the benefits of moving the body, taking in fresh air and enjoying the sights and sounds of nature while we discuss the various aspects of your life that need attention. If you prefer a therapy session in nature please ask about this alternative.

Man Hiking in Wilderness
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